Thursday, September 9, 2010

Buying A JTAG

This will officially begin my noobs guide for buying, setting up, using, and eventually making profit off of a jtagged Xbox 360!

Obviously the first step to this process is to get your hands on a jtag. The money making part will come from hosting modded lobbies on games such as Modern Warfare 2.


There are lots of ways to get your hands on a JTAG and lots of kinds of jtags to get your hands on. In this guide I will being buying a jtag with the following specs, along with a description of what each item means.

  • Xenon mother board - motherboards very from xbox to xbox xenon is the most widely support by the modding community. When it comes to unbanning an xbox,  (which you will need to do after every lobby you host) having a xenon makes it a little easier. I would recommend a xenon however it doesn't make a huge difference.
  • UnBanned - This simply means that the console is not banned from xbox live. (when your Jtag gets banned, which it will, you can buy a key vault from an unbanned donor xbox and unban it)
  • 20GB HardDrive
  • Havoc Undead Patch v6 installed and ready to host - this is what you will need to run 10th lobbies on xbox live.
  • XexLoader - comes on most Jtags you would buy
  • Various Emulators - used to run games from other systems (NES, gameboy, mame, etc...)
COST:    $300     +  $20 shipping

For me this was just about the perfect purchase. It is 100% ready to play and host.

Jtags are forbidden from being sold on ebay so that immediately limits our market however there is an alternative:

The best place to buy a jtag is:

The site is a bit like ebay except a little more like a message board where potential buyers ask questions about a product. 

They usually offer a wide variety of jtag sellers and they are often selling 20+ at a time so no need to be in a bidding war with other buyers.

Simply search jtag on the iOffer:
and you get something like 200 hits.

Personally i bought: (currently working at time of posting but may be invalid when you read)


  • UNBANNED or Key Vault Included - KV's cost $30 right off the back if the xbox comes banned and you cant host a lobby with a banned xbox.
  • Patch Included - for noobs, this makes everything 100x easier a patch are the files needed to run a 10th lobby
  • Look at the conversations of other potential buyers - learn about the seller and make sure he is legit! Pay with pay-pal or google check out and be careful of scams.
  • Realize that most dont come with power bricks, controllers, or video cables - if you want any of these, then the seller will often offer them for a boost in price!


  1. Nice, but imo sps is better :)

  2. dude this guide is amazing.
    sharin the love.

  3. Nice content, following you mate!

  4. i used IOffer in the past its pretty legit~

  5. And how exactly do you make money off of hosting lobbies..

  6. You charge kids. Alot of my friends have pay pal'd up to 20 bucks for lobbies.

  7. woah sounds cool but very dodgy haha <3