Monday, August 30, 2010

Hello World!! -- Xbox 360 Modded Gamertag

     As my first official post as a blogger id like to thank anyone who reads this in advanced. With this blog i will chronicle any technology related project i pursue. This will include the occasional hack, mod, trick, glitch, torrent (im not telling you to steal!!) or otherwise frowned upon practice. I will try to provide "noob freindly" guides as i am going to be going through most of these as a noob myself. Some projects i hope to include in the following weeks:

1. How to gain access to any WEP wifi network!

2. How to make quick and easy money with a blog much like this one ; )

3. Desktop style and functionality (getting the most out of your desktop space)

4. Xbox 360 Jtagging (My purchasing of a Jtag, how to use it once ive got it, key vaults, and how to know if your in a real 10th lobby.)

5. How to set up proxies to hide your ip address for near total anonymity on the web.


But first off a subject that many people ask me about, and one that is much simpler than many think!


Ever get in a game of MW 2 and see a guys name with all kinds of cool symbols and colorful letters? And then think "omgzzz i is playin with da modderz i wishs i was dat coolzz!" Well chances are they aren't as big of modders as you think.

With this simple guide ill teach you how to easily mod your display names in games such call of duty.
And as an added bonus you'll be able to mod your gamerscore by unlocking all the achievments for any game youve played!

Length: 10 - 20 minutes depending on basic knowledge of xbox 360 interface
Difficulty: VERY noob freindly!
Requirements: PC (sorry mac folks), USB drive, Any Xbox 360


  • Turn on your xbox and plug your USB drive into the front.
  • Configure your USB drive:

  • Go to System Settings/Memory and select your xbox 360 hard drive (not USB)

  • Go to Gamer Profiles and select your gamertag
  • Then choose Move
  • Sign out if prompted
  • Then select your USB drive


  • Get on your PC and plug in your USB drive
  • Download Hadzz GT Editor from Here.
  • Unzip the file, open the folder, and run Hadzz GT Editor.
  • Once it is open click the Open USB button at the top.

  • It will automatically open your USB drive.
  • From there keep clicking through the directories until you reach the file at the end.
  • Once you open it, it should display your gamertag and along with your gamer picture.
  • First thing click the last tab that says Default Profile and set default profile. This way everytime you open it you can just click open default profile instead of having to dig through what will soon become a cluttered mess of directories when you open your USB.
  • From there feel free to play around with the various tabs and used to edit your gamertag how you want it.
  • Once you have a gamertag you like, click the menu button at the top (the circle with a 2 on it), save to usb, and click save to modded profile!
  • Feel free to change it to as many things as you want and click save to modded profile after each one. It will save them all and you will have the choice each time as to which one you play with.
BONUS: MOD YOUR GAMERSCORE (skip if you dont want to do this)
  • Once you have as many modded names as you like click the menu button again and then click on achievements.
  • From there you will see a list of all the games you have played under your account. Now you can go through each game and individually unlock each achievement manually, but i like the more simple method of click "Unlock All Games", which instantly unlocks all achievements for all of the games you have played. 
  • If you pay for the premium version of Hadzz GT editor there is a feature that allows you to add games to the list of games you have played. Which in turn raises your gamerscore even higher.

If you are still confused then watch this video:


  • Plug your USB drive back into your Xbox and fire it up.
  • From here i suggest you just leave the profiles on the USB drive and worry about transferring later.
  • Start modern warfare 2 (or possibly games such as cod 4, cod 5, maybe even halo or red dead though i haven't tested these.)
  • Click multiplayer.
  • Once you are at the multiplayer main menu log off any account you may be on.
  • Open the sign in menu and you should see your original gamertag as well as seperate accounts for the modded ones you made earlier. (some may appear with odd symbols and text don't worry)
  • Sign into the account with the modded name you want.
  • Click the xbox live link on the multiplayer menu.
  • You should get a notice saying "This account is not permitted to play online"
  • It will automatically open the sign in menu again. This time choose your normal gamertag!
  • It should then load the usual matchmaking page (if it doesn't then just hit the option for xbox live again), only this time with your modded gamertag!
  • The modded gamertag only appears in the game itself not in xbl parties etc...
  • Each time you begin playing you can choose a different modded name or none at all!

THIS IS 100% SAFE!! - this means no chance of a ban etc...

Some names I love to play as:

(the totally invisble gamertag, select the option under the other tab in Hadzz)
UrMomGoes (up)(down)(up)(down)   <----- replace with d pad arrow symbols

and when i feel like being offensive:

lol jesus died     <---- this one has gotten me a lot of hate messages lol
I hate god
People(in white letters)>People(in black letters)

If ur above 10 years old and aren't an enormous douche bag then feel free to add me as either:

R0B0T DIN0SAUR        (zeros  not normal o's and fl filling quickly)
ClannishUnicorn              (after being banned for a while on my other account it was the first gt suggested)

Have fun!